Meet Cassie: A Lazy Investor

"With you, I didn't feel like I needed a degree in finance just to understand the course." Meet Cassie-- a new lazy investor! Before taking the Lazy Investor's Course, Cassie was using a financial advisor who ended up firing her because she asked questions! Turns out-- there were a few problems to how he was investing her money-- $22k was sitting in cash because he wasn't reinvesting her dividends! 

 In less than two months she's:

  • Figured out how to implement a backdoor Roth IRA
  • Stopped hoarding cash and started making that money work for her
  • Realized she's on track to "Barista FIRE" by 45 years old
  • She's on track to invest $40k this year
  • She asked her financial advisor informed questions, which resulted in her being fired by him-- which was a huge win because she's no longer paying fees or having her funds mismanaged by him
  • She's also managing her OWN investments on her own accord

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