Meet Lazy Investor: Krista

"We're already saving $2.5k a year because of you."

Krista thought hiring a financial advisor to invest for you was "just what people do." So seven years ago, she started working with a Financial Advisor and had never thought much about it until she started following Clo Bare Money Coach. 


"You just broke it down so well, and made it fun," she said. And slowly, she started to realize that she could do this all herself.


A few months ago she started the Lazy Investor's Course, and since finishing it she's:

  • Doubled what she's investing in a year
  • Fired her financial advisor and started managing her money for herself
  • Started contributing to a 529 for her daughter who will be well set for college now
  • Learned how to calculate her retire early number and is now on track to retire early (she didn't even know that was an option before!)
  • Is saving $2,500 a year already by firing her financial advisor-- more money that she can be investing!
  • Managing her OWN portfolio, the way she wants.

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