Meet Lazy Investor: Megan

"I'm proud of me."

Megan had just moved to Chicago after ending a years long relationship. During the pandemic she had lost her job and moved back home for a while until she found her new job that allowed her to go to Chicago, and then? She decided it was time to learn how to be "an adultier adult" by learning how to manage her finances by enrolling in The Lazy Investor's Course.

As she described it, she was anxious and overwhelmed by money before-- and after taking the course? You can literally hear and FEEL the confidence that emanates from her. Since finishing the course, she's:

  • Started investing more than ever before
  • Maxed out a Roth IRA for 2021 and 2022
  • Opened a high-yield savings account where she's now saving her emergency fund and fighting inflation
  • Making informed decisions about things like if she wants to buy a condo or would rather invest, and if she likes what her 401k is invested in
  • Managing her OWN portfolio, the way she wants.

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