Meet Miranda: "I increased my net worth by over $70k in 1 year."


Miranda found investing frustrating at first because it felt like a boy's club that she wasn't allowed in! But after taking The Lazy Investor's Course, she's learned that the language of investing is HER language.

In less than two months she's:

  • Taken control of her finances and financial future
  • Changed banks to get some of that HYSA interest
  • Rolled over an old 401k
  • Negotiated a HUGE pay bump for her new job
  • Created a plan for that extra money when she starts her new job 
  • Gotten over analysis paralysis when picking investments (and finds it fun now!)
  • Learned the language of investing


And guess what? We got to hop on a follow up call with her more a year later! Check out that video too to learn how she increased her net worth by over $70k in one year, thanks to The Lazy Investor's Course :) 

Let's Get Compounding

 Sale Ends In... 

Watch when she first finished the course --->


And our 1 year follow up!